About Lone Sheep Publishing

About Us

Lone Sheep publishing was started in 2008 by Adrian Barnes and David Livingstone. From our origins as The Rossland Telegraph, we’ve grown into a network of five independently-owned and operated West Kootenay online newspapers: The Rossland TelegraphThe Trail ChampionThe Boundary SentinelThe Nelson Dailyand the Castlegar Source. We feel passionately that the future of local news is indepedent and online.

Company Structure

David Livingstone, webmaster. David brings a wealth of web and graphic design experience to his work with Lone Sheep. Lone Sheep newspapers feature integrated, state-of-the-art websites and functionality. Thanks to David, we are cutting edge in every way.

Adrian Barnes, president. Adrian largely deals with corporate and contractual issues for the company. The former editor and publisher of The Kootenay Eye, Adrian has extensive experience in regional publishing and writing and editing.

Our Philosophy

The Lone Sheep philosophy is simple: ‘quality breeds success’. We don’t cut corners or do things by half measures. We understand that the newspaper serves a function in the community that goes beyond being a business: the newspaper is a fundamental foundation of the community and a cornerstone of democracy itself. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. Do the job right, we believe, and the business will thrive. From our perspective, if we align ourselves with the right people, our brand will thrive.

Lone Sheep newspapers have a local focus but always keep the world in mind.  Our readership is centred locally, but spreads from there to incorporate the entire globe. By way of example, The Rossland Telegraph, our founding newspaper, has a readership of 9000 in a town of 3300 men, women, and children. How is that possible? As an online publication, we appeal not only to locals, but to people across the country and around the world who have a strong connection to the West Kootenay. When these readers plan to visit town, the Rossland Telegraph is where they look to find out what’s going on.

The success of the Telegraph is just the beginning; we are already seeing large readerships build in Castlegar, Trail, Nelson, and Boundary regions.

We feature local news stories, features, blogs, reader comments, cartoons, editorial content, and both regional and international news. We strive to allow a wide range of local voices to shine through in the areas of news, sport, arts, and opinion.