Be the Media!

Bringining opportunities to support independent media, and revitalize local communities by fostering dialogue and a sense of democracy.

An online newspaper network with a mission

The age-old print newspaper is slowly disappearing.  Rising printing costs and the steady loss of advertisers and readers to the web means that it is becoming less and less feasible to publish and maintain legitimate newspapers in small communities. With the advent and explosive growth of the Internet, and the elimination of the large capital costs of starting a local newspaper, Lone Sheep sees an excellent opportunity to help revitalize the newspaper industry at a time when the local paper is often little more than a skimpy wrapper for a bundle of flyers.

Newspapers need to play a strong role in the health of any community, and by extension, the society as a whole, by speaking truth to power. Lone Sheep Publishing aims to provide the necessary tools for journalist-entrepreneurs to establish an online news presence in their community.  To offset the challenges typical to a small town paper, Lone Sheep newspapers are connected into a single network, in order to create a larger reader base, so as to attract larger regional advertising contracts and to enable indepdendent papers to share stories and resources.

At the same time, these networks allow Lone Sheep newspapers to pursue their mission of fostering greater civic engagement, and create greater communication between respective communities.